Learning to Play Using 5 Card Stud Rules

To start a game using 5 Card Stud rules, the dealer first gives each player two cards; one dealt face down and one dealt face up. The person who has the lowest face up card has to start the bidding with either a half minimum bet or a full bet. Then, going clockwise around the group, players call the bet, raise it, not call or fold their hands. A folded hand is one that is given back to the dealer. This is usually done because the player does not like his chances of a win with the card he has Online betting malaysia.

The dealer then passes out a third card to all players that are left; also face up. The players can then bet a set amount. In the next two rounds, the player with the highest face up card sets the amount of the bet for the rest of the players to either follow or fold. The minimum bet increases when the fourth cards are laid out, still face up. The dealer is the person that determines who has won the hand and who gets the pot.

Five Card Stud rules are different from the rules for the now hugely popular Texas Holdem, but for newbie poker players it is a lot easier game to play. In round one of the deal, in order to find out who starts the betting, the suit of the card is as important as its number score. Spades are considered the highest suit, followed by Hearts, Diamonds, and Clubs. After this stage of the game, the suit ranking is not important.

There are a number of different terms you need to become familiar with when you are playing by 5 Card Stud rules. Like many other games, the High Cards are the cards that run from 10 through the picture cards, which of course are the Jack, Queen and King.
The Ace is the highest card of all. Low Cards are the number cards from 2 to 9. A Door Card is the face up card that is dealt in the first deal while Live Cards are those cards that are still face down and still possible for a player to get. Dead cards are face up cards that are no longer in the deck.

In 5 Card stud rules a “Fast Play” is on where you bet and raise through the rounds of betting in a hand with the purpose of either bluffing or forcing the other players to either raise or fold their hands. If you are making a “Slow Play” you could just “check” and call in line with other players. This increases the amount of the pot as more players remain in the game till the final card is dealt.

The best way to appreciate 5 Card Stud rules is to play a few hands yourself. Go to TitanPoker.com and try it out for yourself and don’t forget to check out our other articles about 5 Card Stud strategies and tips.

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